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How "Trennkost" really functions. The "Trennkost" is not a diet since even the best diet are made to fail convictedly, if you think you lose quickly pounds as  a short goal. These are quickly consumed back. "Trennkost" (Separation Food) is a comprehensively healing  food rearrangement, whereby the strong protein containing foods are separated and consumed from the strong carbohydrates holding foods.

In practice this means that by a plate of meat or fish you should not choose to have Potatoes,or Pasta as a side serving. Instead you should have abundantly salads and/ or vegetables. Visa versa to a plate of potato, pasta, or rice you should not consume any - any meat or other protein containing foods, instead abundantly salads and/ or vegetables.

Who knows how he/she "ticks" and in the different phases of the day takes in the right nourishments,
that activates at night automatically the "slimming hormone". The sleep phase is the longest fatburning phase in a 24-hour-rhythm- that needs to be taken advantage of. A balanced "Insulin-Trennkost", combined with strength-and endurance training jumpstarts the fatburning and melts the pounds away. Without hunger anxiety! With the perfect Nourishment-Mix the highly effective "Insulin-Trennkost", and the right activities the slim body is not longer a dream.


The sleep is the longest fatburning phase   

The award on the end of the day: Simply pull the covers up and let the hormones work for you...Thats how you will have and hold the dream to a slim, healthy body- eat and exercise by the biological clock, is the (scientifically) key for it. The sleep is the longest fatburning phase of the day. Learn, how to use it effectively for you. Important is, to supply your body with the right nourishment-mix morning, noon, and night, so that the body can make optimal use in accordance with its bio-rhythm. In the daytime are especially carbohydrates important as a energy source. The body uses the night for relaxation and for repairs - a protein rich meal makes sure, that the energy thats it uses comes from fatcells. The principle is simply. In the morning lots of Carbs. portion depending on your individual BMI. At  Lunch everything is allowed but be careful that you not necessarly eat French Fries and Burgers. At Dinner take in Proteins like Meat, Fish, Cheese, Eggs with salads or vegetables. IMPORTANT: Between these 3 Meals keep a 5 hour break. In the evening a little exercise that the metabolism can work over night. I think back on how little babies overnight lose their bellies. You can see it on their diapers, they are appear alloversudden to big. Fat they only become. when we begin, to feed them Protein + Carbs at the same time. Would we already start with our little ones, the nourishment , like in the "Insulin-Trennkost" explained, we would not have any overweight kids.Who also eats the right foods at the right times, will soon not only in your dreams have a great shaped body! more >>

translated into English by Andrea

The food separation diet was developed by Dr. H. Hay in response to personal experience. This diet was initially developed to prevent and cure illness but has since been pared down to the extent that it can today be seen as a weight reducing diet.

Protein containing foods and carbohydrate containing foods should be kept strictly separate from one another (hence the term food separation).
Separating these foods leads to improved digestion: proteins can be broken down more easily without carbohydrates, and vice versa.
According to Dr. Hay, acid forming foods (e.g. meat, fish, cheese) and alkaline forming foods (e.g. fruit, vegetables) should not be eaten at the same time. However there are also neutral foods (e.g. yoghurt, milk) which according to Hay mix well with proteins and carbohydrates whereas proteins and carbohydrates eaten together can lead to fermentation in the small intestine.
For the laymen amongst us that might seem reasonable, yet the Hay theory is outdated.

The Hay Plan diet includes the following:
A recommended break of 4 hours between meals.
Acid forming and alkaline forming foods should NEVER be mixed: 80% of daily food intake should be from alkaline forming foods and 20% from acid forming foods.
Food separation is almost impossible as many foods consist of both acid forming and alkaline forming elements.
Unfortunately there has never been any real scientific evidence that this in fact an all-round healthy and logical diet.

Unfortunately there is also a misconception here: The dietís success is attributable not to food separation but simply to calorie reduced meals.
Unfortunately it doesnít achieve a fast weight loss either.
The theory that acid and alkaline forming foods cannot be digested easily when combined together is also outdated: Such foods can be digested equally well whether eaten together or separately.

Forget expensive food separation and having your favourite meat without potatoes; instead go for something with fewer calories which will work just as well as any food separation diet.